May 22, 2012

Heart to Serve: Lance & Lori Copeland

Since the beginning, Lance and Lori Copeland have served faithfully in partnering with School to the Nations. Their biggest contribution has been raising a son, Randy Copeland (STN Co-Founder and Director), with a vision and passion for reaching unreached people groups across the world. In 1991 when the primary ministry on our campus was an inner-city children's camp for area children, Lance and Lori jumped right in and served in whatever way they could. 

As invested ministry partners they have continued as amazing volunteers and supporters over the years. Lance helps take care of our maintenance on campus, anything from changing lightbulbs to building displays for the challenge course. Much like a few of our other volunteers he has chosen to spend his retirement serving, and in doing so is making a global impact. Lori, a best-selling author, uses the platform given her as a well-known writer to share about School to the Nations with hundreds of readers world-wide. Many of her books reflect a heart turned towards missions, in fact one specific book, Monday Morning Faith, is a story entirely about life on the mission field. (Visit her website for more information: Lori Copeland Books)

Lance and Lori are faithful members of Ridgecrest Baptist Church and have been for many years. We are grateful for their obedience in following God's call and being a part of global missions. What a blessing it is for Randy to serve alongside his own parents as the message of Christ is preached to those who have never heard! Thank you for your heart to serve Lance and Lori! In the words of Christ, "Well done, good and faithful servant..." (Matt. 25:21)

Each of our Heart to Serve featured staff members/volunteers will receive a free 16oz. frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf in Nixa, MO. We are happy to partner with the wonderful people at Orange Leaf to honor these special people who are using their gifts to change the world!!

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